Monday, December 20, 2004

99 Problems

Number of surprise blind dates this week: 1

Surprise blind dates are always so special, like bus special. I went over to my girl friend's house at 11pm, after work, to do the artsy stuff for her Christmas presents. Her husband was at his work Christmas party at the Fox and the Hound. We were to meet him when we got done with our project. The two of us arrived to Fox and the Hound around 1am. Her husband had been drinking there since 8pm. The only two people left from the Christmas party were her husband and the moron he set me up with. He tries to do this all the time.

So I was nice to the surprise blind date guy, it is not his fault. I tried to have a conversation, but all he wanted to talk about was the Purple Church i.e.Platinum Plus, and how he is friends with all of the strippers.Oh! He talked about Louisiana where he is from. It's somewhere from between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. I literally fell asleep. However he offered me a ride down there for tomorrow morning, if I want it.

Anyway, he is sitting there bragging about how he never gets sick when he drinks and tonight he had drank at least 12 or more beers. No joke five minutes later he leans to his left, opens up his mouth, and vomits all over the carpet in the bar. He produces a technicolor yawn right there at the table!

So, I think it's going to work out.....