Saturday, July 23, 2016

Walk A Mile In My Shoes

I'm really bad about holding on to memories through objects. Like these pairs of shoes from the back of my closet. The white ones were the pair I wore to graduate high school. Yeah, they were incredibly stylish then. Like, Wow! For real!  The black, Sam & Libby Mary Janes were my absolute favorite pair of shoes from Junior through Senior year of high school. Have I worn them since? Yeah, but probably only as part of Halloween costumes. Why do I have them now? They both look awful, dated, old, used. It's just silly to keep them. 

The memories that go along with these shoes are vibrant, fun, exciting. I remember them new. Those memories represent unending possibility, a life to live, and experience to gather. Those shoes were the first time in my life that I feel like me. In high school I was fat, yeah then too. I couldn't wear the fashions in style: knee socks wouldn't fit over my muscular calves - but that didn't stop me from trying, Guess, Express, and Mud jeans didn't come in sizes that fit over my hips and around my stomach. I mostly wore men's clothing, and tight turtle necks to accentuate the chest, because I thought that's all that fit. That was me. But, shoes always fit. When I strutted the hallways in these platforms I felt in command, even stylish. That's saying a lot for the chick that wore stonewashed, green, cut-off, jean shorts. 

I still have those memories; I definitely have the experiences. The shoes have seen miles, but it's time for me to let go of these sentimental relics of my past. 

#WalkAMileInMyShoes #DiaryOfAFatGirlThatNeverGrewUp #ConfidentlyAwesome #ThoseShoesAreOldEnoughToBeRetro

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

An Opportunity With Felix Cordova


At Slider Inn tonight I met Felix Cordova of 98.5 New Mix FM. He said he likes my personality and asked me to appear on stage for with him at the Southern Hot Wing Festival on the afternoon of Saturday, April 23, 2016. On stage we will give away a pair of tickets to the Beale Street Music Festival.

He wants to build a relationship between his FM station and Radio-Memphis' internet radio station. 

I'll definitely take this opportunity to suppress my fear of public speaking to an audience. 

A Speaker of Truth


I've continued to keep quiet, but this evening I needed to get some perspective so I had a conversation with #RealLifeSuperman. I am pretty bothered by someone who has refused to even utter one word to me yet continues to invent and spread lies about me. My Dad is calm, level headed, he always finds the best in everyone, he's given the shirt off of his back to help those in need. My Dad said, "Do not worry because she is as unattractive as the stories people tell about her," he pauses for a moment and then under his breath he utters, "rode hard." 

My Dad is a prophet and a truth speaker.