Friday, May 1, 2015

A Wedding Story

This week one of my friends shared with me the story of how she got married. I enjoy this story so much, I let her tell me every time she feels like sharing. 

We knew each other since we were in middle school and high school. He used to run with my brother, but we were best friends. We dated but moved on and lost touch. I had kids. He had kids. But, we found each other again a few years ago. It felt exactly the same from all those years ago. And I knew, all those years of being with the wrong person and not being interested in anyone but being happy by myself and he changed it like this is what it's supposed to be like. 

We woke up one morning. I didn't know I was getting married, but it was my wedding day. He sat up in bed and said, "I can't wait any longer to be your husband. I want you to be my wife. I can't, won't, let you get away again. Will you marry me?"

I shook my head yes, because I thought about it, you know because I never wanted to be married to my kids father but to him I could see it, "Yeah, I'll marry you." She smiles sweetly and blushes over a topic so intimate.

"Good. Call in sick to work. I'm going to marry you today. I can't wait."

So, we got dressed, just in blue jeans and t-shirts, nothing extraordinary. I called in sick to work and I found myself married to him that day. 

What's your story?

Walmart, Raleigh, TN

First of all, I understand this is completely my fault for even stepping foot in the Walmart in Raleigh. But I'm having issues with my tire and that's the most convenient Walmart to go to as I pass it every day to and from work. 

Let me first tell you that I have a hundred percent warranty on my tires. Somehow last week I managed to run over a nail it curved around in a U-shaped inside my tire and popped back out. The problem is it's too close to the tire wall to repair it. So they had to order a new tire on Tuesday. I've been refilling my tire with air every day this week and calling Walmart to see if my new tire has arrived. 

Today I call and Mr. George answers the phone. He tells me that the computer says the tires here but he has too many customers so call him back in a half an hour to give him time to check for the tire to put his hands on it. I give them 50 minutes before I call back. Nobody answers the phone it goes to the operator. She text me back through the tires again it rings continuously until it goes back to her. The operator picks up the phone again and ask where I need to go and I said the tire department she puts me on hold and never sends me back through. 

I'm already a tad irritated but I understand it's May first everybody got new EBT cards, checks came in, Social Security came in... so now everybody with new money has the means to get their issues taken care of - I completely understand that. 

Mr. George behind the counter is trying the best you can even though he moves slowly. They have my tire, he takes my keys, we get situated there are five people in front of me. Cool. I sit in the waiting area and make friends with the other ladies that are sitting there playing candy crush. 

Yes I'm that person that talks to strangers that are trying to block out the world. Some lady even offers me her little, not listening, bad baby. We tight back there. 

They call my name and call me back into the shop saying there's a problem. They ordered the wrong tire for my car. Still I'm cool with this.  Let's get this corrected, order the right tire, and put it on my car. 

Naturally, by this time I've spent hours spanning two evenings up in the Raleigh Walmart. I am very calm. I ask Mr. George and Jerry the Customer Service Manager, who are both standing behind the counter, "Is there anything y'all can do about getting me a discount for this tire considering the inconvenience I've had to endure?"

Neither one of them answer me. I know I just spoke out loud. I know they could hear me because they both make eye contact with me.  Still no answer. 

Jerry the Customer Service Manager turns out from behind the counter and starts walking away from the tire department. 

Y'all my calm is gone!

"What? You don't speak to people when they talk to you?"

The other men, customers, around the counter take a collective step backwards to disappear into the wall.

Jerry the Customer Service Manager stops dead in his tracks, turns back and looks at me like 'who da fuk you talkin' to?' I return the look. 

He responds, "I don't do that? I'm just a Customer Service Manager.
You need a manager."

"I don't know this. I'm a customer, your tag says customer service manager." I stopped myself from saying, 'manage some customer service.'

Jerry the Customer Service Manager turns his head. Makes eye contact with a male customer. Looks back at me and rolls his eyes. He starts walking away. He looks at that male customer again and says something about me as he skitters off down the isle. 


I look at the three closest men including the customer he said it to after he smirked. Their ears must be broken because they all said, "I don't know. I don't know what he said."

I look at Mr. George, "Call the store manager, I need to speak to the store manager."

Jessica the Assistant Manager eventually arrives and takes care of it. She seems to be a Walmart Princess Fairy Angel. I will see. 

Still, I feel this could have been avoided if I had not gone to this Raleigh Walmart.