Thursday, April 28, 2016


I bought a highly recommended pair of tennis shoes called Hoka's for myself last Thursday. I received them in the mail yesterday. Brand new, fresh out of the box this morning, before I even had a chance to try them on I ask The Silver Fox to take a look to see if she likes them so I can order her a pair for Mother's Day. She says, "Oh those are so pretty!" They are purplish, which is one of her favorite colors. 

She scurries to put on socks. "Where did you go with my shoes?" she hollars through the early morning, quiet house. 

Real Life Superman is sitting at the kitchen table eating his Raisin Bran and observing. She finds me, takes the shoes, slides the Hoka's on her feet, ties the laces, stands up, looks at me, and says "What are you waiting around for? You aren't getting these back!"

She leaves me standing there barefooted waiting to put on my shoes. I look at him. He gives me the knowing shrug that tells me, "They are hers now."

Hoka-Pocus, they're gone! 

Happy Mother's Day!

#TheSilverFox #Hoka #RealLifeSuperman #HokaPocustheyregone

Sunday, April 24, 2016


I'm sitting silently in my car, in the driveway, illuminated only by the glow of my cellphone while I delete emails. 


My car bounces and lurches foward!

My keys are in my lap!

If a mountain lion is sitting on my roof, I'll lose my bowels right here in the driver's seat! I swear he's going to open my roof like a tin of sardines to get this Kroger rotisserie chicken that I'm about to carry in the house. 


It's only Rick Ross, the Cat Nip Drug Cartel Lord kitty from next door. 

Remember last year when The Silver Fox and Real Life Superman planted cat nip in the backyard? And there was the neighbor's cat that would stand near it and guard it? That's Rick Ross, only now he's huge and his drug field has multiplied. 

I still hope he doesn't take my rotisserie chicken. 

I'll make a run for it anyway.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Day Job Frustrations

Last week at work was perfect. 

This week is very different.

A coworker I back-up, as in I do her work when she is out of the office, took off the entire week to meet her eHarmony boyfriend for the first time....without notifying me that she'd be on vacation. Our supervisor told me yesterday that coworker said she had notified me and we reviewed. None of which happened, not even an email. I said so. 

Over a month ago she was also told to update her procedures to include step-by-step instructions that will help others that back her up. Those procedures have not been updated.  

As for the eHarmony boyfriend, he was a no-show. She got catphished. 

After telling our supervisor yesterday that she'd be back at work today the coworker texted our supervisor this morning to let her know that she is still taking off the entire week. 

#thisiswhywecanthavenicethings #DayJob