Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Day Job Frustrations

Last week at work was perfect. 

This week is very different.

A coworker I back-up, as in I do her work when she is out of the office, took off the entire week to meet her eHarmony boyfriend for the first time....without notifying me that she'd be on vacation. Our supervisor told me yesterday that coworker said she had notified me and we reviewed. None of which happened, not even an email. I said so. 

Over a month ago she was also told to update her procedures to include step-by-step instructions that will help others that back her up. Those procedures have not been updated.  

As for the eHarmony boyfriend, he was a no-show. She got catphished. 

After telling our supervisor yesterday that she'd be back at work today the coworker texted our supervisor this morning to let her know that she is still taking off the entire week. 

#thisiswhywecanthavenicethings #DayJob

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