Friday, June 28, 2013

Moves, I Got 'Em

I'm back here in the bedroom editing photos, listening to rap music, and dancing my smooth moves like I used to back in the Senses days. Senses Nightclub was THE premier dance club in Memphis that my best friend Jenny and I visited almost every Saturday night between the years of late 2004 through 2007ish. We knew most of the bouncers, dj’s, and bartenders; mighta dated a few too, but I’m not admitting anything.
I’m telling you, we started that party. Every. Saturday. Night.  We were the first on the floor.  We knew exactly where to dance so the air conditioning would keep us cool with the spotlights directed on us. We wanted everyone to see us. We got the right location in front of the good mirror. You know what I'm talking about. 

Believe it or not, when I hit the dance floor my moves are like Usher, Beyonce, and Jennifer Lopez had a baby.” Pop, Lock, & Drop It,” “Tootsee Roll,” “Get Low,” “Milkshake,” “Control Myself,” you name it and we danced to it. We were regular Soul Train Dancers, Fly Girls, and Rap Video back-up dancers. Moves, I got ‘em. 
Tonight, I have the strobe lights in J2’s room on blast as well as the music turned up to mimic a dance club.  

Pandora bursts into the bedroom, “OH MY GOSH!!!  JUST STOP!  You are SO White!”

“Whatever! I met your Dad in a bar.  How do you think I caught his attention? On the dance floor with my smooth rap video moves. That’s how!”

Without missing a beat she explodes with sass, “You attracted him by putting on your mating colors and flaunting it.”

My eyes nearly bulged out of my head. I think, ‘Brat!’ But I smile when I realize, ‘Well crap! I guess she did pay attention to those wild stories I was reliving this week.’

“You got me good, Pandora, your Dad is going to reprimand me.”

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Heroes In A Half Shell

My $5 t-shirt for today.

#MarineBrother is considerably younger than I am. As a baby, he would watch the #TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles. As he was learning to talk they were in the height of popularity. This was between 1986-1989. 

I would come home from elementary school and Blaise, as a rambunctious two year old, would be practicing his sweet ninja moves while jumping and lurching off of the backs of the living room furniture. There was no controlling him, especially if he had consumed one minuscule bite of chocolate or the #TMNT 's were on tv. As soon as he saw me he would exclaim in excitement, "April-O'Neil! April-O'Neil! April-O'Neil!" 

That's how he said my name. 

He thought I was the real deal and the coolest sister because I was a friend of the #TMNT. Eventually he said, "Averill O'Neil," as all one mashed up word but he is the only person in my entire life that I never corrected from calling me April. 

#HeroesInAHalfShell #TurtlePower