Thursday, June 27, 2013

Heroes In A Half Shell

My $5 t-shirt for today.

#MarineBrother is considerably younger than I am. As a baby, he would watch the #TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles. As he was learning to talk they were in the height of popularity. This was between 1986-1989. 

I would come home from elementary school and Blaise, as a rambunctious two year old, would be practicing his sweet ninja moves while jumping and lurching off of the backs of the living room furniture. There was no controlling him, especially if he had consumed one minuscule bite of chocolate or the #TMNT 's were on tv. As soon as he saw me he would exclaim in excitement, "April-O'Neil! April-O'Neil! April-O'Neil!" 

That's how he said my name. 

He thought I was the real deal and the coolest sister because I was a friend of the #TMNT. Eventually he said, "Averill O'Neil," as all one mashed up word but he is the only person in my entire life that I never corrected from calling me April. 

#HeroesInAHalfShell #TurtlePower

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