Thursday, April 23, 2015

Throwback Thursday

#tbt #siblingwars 

"Hey, I bet you can't push me off this bed while I'm jumping!" 

Jump! Jump! 

On the third jump I lunge with my arms straight out and land a solid push directly into his stomach which sends Trey flying across the bedroom directly into the 90 degree corner jutting out to form the wall for the closet. He landed with a thud against the wall and rolled into the closet. That is usually the sort of noise that sends parents running towards the commotion, but not my parents. Trey touched the back of his head and came back with blood on his hand. He began to cry. That is when my parents came into our shared bedroom. 

The Silver Fox wants to know, "What happened?" 

"I pushed him off the bed while he was jumping. He told me to try to push him off." 

"You know better than to dare your sister to do anything. She's going to do it!And you're not supposed to be jumping on the bed!" 

So, Trey got in trouble and he had to get stitches. Since then, we keep the dares to a minimum.