Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bad is Awesome

The good news is I put make-up on today for work, which I never do. The bad news is I only applied bronzer, in the dark, and I didn't blend it. So, when I got to work under the florescent lights I looked like myself in seventh grade with orange powder sitting on top of porcelain skin. For Halloween I'm a Jack-O-Lantern, not what I was going for, but okay. I guess.

When I came back from class this afternoon a student worker at the Ask Tom desk told me, "Say you look bad today."

"Umm, okay. I look bad today."

All of the students at the desk laughed. The debonaire student explained the phrase. He said, "'Say you look bad today' means you look good, really good."

I totally understand! "You look bad" is a 'retro' term from the 1980's, like Michael Jackson's Bad, which is awesome.

Look at that! I didn't even have to exhibit the Booty Bounce Walk. No! I just had to get up a half an hour early, straighten my hair, apply orange bronzer in the dark, wear tights, a fitted mini-dress, and strap 4 inch heels* to my feet for work. Wha-la, I look bad today and that's just awesome!

*For those coworkers that saw me at the Divisional Meeting this morning I temporarily changed into flats to photograph the meeting.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I was sitting in my class, alright I excused myself from class and was in the restroom. When I went back to class nearly everyone had left. I was only in the restroom for a minute!

The proctor from Appling Road Middle School told us there was a tornado coming and we couldn't stay there. So what's the safest thing to do? That's right send 100 people out in the storm to their cars!

I made it safely to J-squared's while trying to ensure the safety of everyone in my family. Yes, talking on the phone in a lightning storm. Duh!

However, I wasn't planning on being at J-squared's tonight so I didn't pack a bag. Is that a Walk of Shame if I wash and wear the same clothes to work tomorrow that I wore today?

That's a weather-gasm in Memphis for y'all.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Good Show

In 1964 Elvis bought FDR's 'Floating White House' the USS Potomac. Elvis, being an extremely charitable man, donated the yacht to Danny Thomas to benefit St. Jude. The yacht was so old, difficult to maintain, and in such disrepair that Danny Thomas was not interested in keeping it. The yacht was put up for auction. Ever the Hollywood mind Danny Thomas put on a good show for the people and the auct
ion. In order to save money he only had one side of the yacht painted, the side facing the cameras for the photo shoot with Elvis.

That being said, please don't stand behind me today. If you do, please don't judge me. I'm not old or difficult to maintain, well perhaps a tad high maintenance. I'm not in a state of disrepair either. I only had enough time in the shower this morning to shave the fronts of my legs.