Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I was sitting in my class, alright I excused myself from class and was in the restroom. When I went back to class nearly everyone had left. I was only in the restroom for a minute!

The proctor from Appling Road Middle School told us there was a tornado coming and we couldn't stay there. So what's the safest thing to do? That's right send 100 people out in the storm to their cars!

I made it safely to J-squared's while trying to ensure the safety of everyone in my family. Yes, talking on the phone in a lightning storm. Duh!

However, I wasn't planning on being at J-squared's tonight so I didn't pack a bag. Is that a Walk of Shame if I wash and wear the same clothes to work tomorrow that I wore today?

That's a weather-gasm in Memphis for y'all.

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