Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bad is Awesome

The good news is I put make-up on today for work, which I never do. The bad news is I only applied bronzer, in the dark, and I didn't blend it. So, when I got to work under the florescent lights I looked like myself in seventh grade with orange powder sitting on top of porcelain skin. For Halloween I'm a Jack-O-Lantern, not what I was going for, but okay. I guess.

When I came back from class this afternoon a student worker at the Ask Tom desk told me, "Say you look bad today."

"Umm, okay. I look bad today."

All of the students at the desk laughed. The debonaire student explained the phrase. He said, "'Say you look bad today' means you look good, really good."

I totally understand! "You look bad" is a 'retro' term from the 1980's, like Michael Jackson's Bad, which is awesome.

Look at that! I didn't even have to exhibit the Booty Bounce Walk. No! I just had to get up a half an hour early, straighten my hair, apply orange bronzer in the dark, wear tights, a fitted mini-dress, and strap 4 inch heels* to my feet for work. Wha-la, I look bad today and that's just awesome!

*For those coworkers that saw me at the Divisional Meeting this morning I temporarily changed into flats to photograph the meeting.

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