Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Art Majors

My amazing EngineerBrother has a degree with a double major in Engineering. Duh! When he was studying for his degree he'd sit at the kitchen table for hours writing and solving equations.  Each equation required two whole pages of hand-written work.

One particular night he was working on multiple problems. Meanwhile, I was sitting across the room working on my Associates degree in art. I was completing a design project. I was half lying on a pile of pillows with the tv on, ripping pages out of magazines, cutting awesome designs, and gluing them to a background. I was busy just chatting away on the phone.

EngineerBrother got angry. He slammed his book shut and walked over to me. He leaned over and yelled in my face, "Not all of us can be Art majors AVERILL!!!" He stormed off to his bedroom.

Every time I think about that incident it tickles me. It takes a lot to get him worked up. Now he has an awesome career and I'm working in a shared cubical...


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