Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Muffy's Fool

J-squared and the kiddos laugh with me for my blonde moments. J-squared always tells me how smart I am and he's serious, can y'all believe that? But, recently I'll go and do something so vapid, my words not his. J-squared will ask if I'm a natural blonde. The oldest girl will tell me, "Muffy's so special!" The youngest girl smiles studying me and giggles; she will take over the World one day. And, the boy-child will say, "That's another Muffy's Fools." I always used to pride myself of my rationality, level headedness, and common sense, but for the past year I've become more ditzy, forgetful, and absent minded.

On Saturday evening I was running around the house plugging in my hair dryer in every socket. The device would not turn on! I had to let my hair air dry, naturally, before going out on a weekend night. Do you really understand how dyer this was!?!?!

This evening I took the hair dryer to my Dad and asked, "Daddy, can you please make my hair dryer work?"

He said, "If you've tried multiple sockets push the ground button while it's plugged in."

I plugged it in. The ground button wouldn't budge. I slid the top button on the machine to turn it on. I looked down and realized that today, as well as on Saturday; I was trying to turn it on with the temperature control button NOT the On/Off switch. Once I slid the correct button there was a whirl of cool air.

There's another Muffy's Fool for this ditz!

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