Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Scandalous, Part I

I thought I had enough drama in my life, but apparently not. 

This is major! 

This is scandalous!!

I've seen his penis!!! 

I know it is him. I've seen that man's penis!

On our first and only date he flopped that thing out of his pants and said, "Look at what you do to me."

It was hard and he cradled it like he would have held a baby out in front of him, to allow for maximum viewing pleasure. 

I shielded my hand in front of my face, "Put that away!" I hissed. "I did not do that to you! I haven't even touched you!  I have not even kissed you! So, you did that to yourself. Put that thing away!"  

I am drunk, full of myself, mouthy, brutally honest, and not interested. I agreed to go out with him because I thought it would make for a good story. Sex with him was not an option. It was nowhere on the table of possibilities. I agreed to the date because what else was I going to do that night? Nothing, except a potential outing to Senses with my best girlfriend. I can have that adventure every weekend. 

We are sitting on the sofa in his double wide that is parked on cinderblocks in the middle of his mother's front yard. I am deep somewhere off of a gravel road down by the railroad tracks in Crenshaw, MS. It is late Saturday night, but because I have not slept it is actually early on a Sunday morning in March of 2005. I do not know what I have gotten myself in to.

Reluctantly he put the monster back in his pants. Soon afterward he made the excuse to change into shorts. As I sat there, averting my eyes, I swore to myself that although this is going to be a fantastic story only a select few in my inner circle will hear about this. 

All that has changed. 


  1. That happened to me at about 4PM on a Saturday after eating lunch at A-Tans. We sat at the Hibachi and talked with other couples. A wonderful time. He walked me to my car and let me in. He went around and got in on the other side. A guy with a basket came by and I was watching what he was doing. When I brought my attention back to the car he had whipped IT out. I hadn't heard a zipper or anything. I too yelled "Put that away!!" He said "I just wanted you to see what you do to me". When he saw I meant business he put it away and got out the car. He called me from his car saying I still had his blood boiling. He wasn't a MCS teacher was he?

  2. JustOlivia, he is not an MCS teacher, but Memphis and the world is full of perverts!