Monday, January 12, 2015

Recipe: Chicken Nachos

I am always on the look out for extremely easy and quick recipes that will feed this family of four. I'm not one to post recipes, but I am doing it.

Today, I've found a gem! 

My best friend, Jenny, and I are on the phone. I am lamenting about meal planning, my lack of it, and what to cook this week. Jenny pulls up the Rolodex in her mind and begins to scroll through her go-to recipes and suggests Chicken Tacos. 

I look in the pantry and of course I don't have taco shells. Why don't I have taco shells? I could have sworn I was more like my mom and kept taco shells on hand. 

Jenny asks, "Do you have tortilla chips?" She says 'tortilla' mockingly in the manner of Napoleon Dynamite. 

"Why yes I do!"

 "Great! You can have Chicken Nachos instead!" 

I gather the ingredients. Here is the best part: I dump them into the crockpot. That is it!! 

Chicken Tacos/Nachos

2 lbs of frozen chicken breasts 
1 can of Rotel
1 cup of salsa
1 package of taco seasoning
1 package of ranch seasoning
1 spoonful of diced jalapeƱos (omit)

Dump all of the above into a crock-pot. Put in the frig over night. Place the shell back into the crock-pot - I had the Little Rottens do this when they came home from school. Set the crock-pot on high for three hours. Our crock-pot cooks quickly, you may have to adjust your temperature and cooking time.

It's so damn delicious, try not to eat it all by yourself! 

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