Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Best Compliments 2016: Different Perspectives

The I had a decent lunch walk today. Every time I jogged I saw someone I know. Each person was a strategically placed cheering section at the exact moment I needed it. That was pretty cool. #thankyouGod

As I was finishing out my walk a member of the DayJob Maintenance Groundskeeping Staff waved me down. He stopped and climbed down from his standing mower, yelling over the sound of the engine, "I see you all of the time! If I did half as much as what you do I'd be doing well!"  

Wow! Just wow! A person I don't recognize taking the time to give me, a complete stranger, a compliment. 

As I smiled at him he frowns. I yell to him, "Don't get down on yourself. You do that everyday. That's something I'm amazed at and can't do. I'm severely allergic to all of it," I wave my hand to include the grass and trees. His shoulders pick up, he shakes his head yes, he smiles, and hops back on his mower.

#everyonesperspectiveisdifferent #happy2016 #thebestcompliments 

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