Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wrong Number

This all could have been avoided if I were a better girlfriend.

Today I left my cell phone at home. I know, the absolute horror!!! 

I emailed J-squared this morning to let him know, just on the chance that he’d text me and I wouldn’t respond. He responded with an email that asked for me to call him. He attached his cell phone number.

Naturally I called the number J-squared gave me, twice. 

Some man named Kim answered. Kim told me that I sound damn sexy and it I don't find J-squared then I need to call him back. He then said if I don't call him back it’s okay because now he's got my number on lock down and he'll be calling me back. Sweet mother of mercy I was laughing so hard, “Damn girl even your laugh is sexy.”

Yep, I’ve got it! But, I still can’t help but to think if I had J-squared’s cell phone number memorized this wouldn’t have happened.

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