Thursday, September 13, 2012


Yesterday as my sweet, sweet coworker was packing up her personal belongings on her next to last day of work I couldn't help but to tear up.  She's leaving.  She got in, got out, and is moving on.

I'm beyond grateful for her patience, understanding, grace, and encouragement.  She focuses on strengths of individuals and turns eccentricities into positives.  She's humble.  Lord is she humble! If you compliment her, she offers all of her attributes to the Blessings of God, "Because it's surely not me."  She's genuine. She's optimistic and inspires the best in the people around her.  More than once I've received unsolicited emails from expressing her desire and encouragement for me to go after my dreams.  She truly is one of the most beautiful people I've met.

I'm extremely grateful for her presence in my life and I'm ecstatic for her happiness!  On Saturday she's marrying her fiance and he's whisking her away to a new life in Louisiana.  Best wishes Sweet-Sweet and congratulations to your groom!

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