Friday, April 5, 2013

Memphis Pirate Radio

One of my girlfriends, Belle, works for Memphis Pirate Radio.  Last week she invited J2 and I down to their studio to sit in on the show Friday Night Frame of Mind with Dianna Fryer, Brother Doug, and Ric Chetter. The internet radio station is live entertainment supporting local music from Memphis and the Mid-South.  We gladly accept the invitation.

J2 live on the airwaves of
 J2, who is natural in any situation, immediately put on a set of headphones - although he is not wearing the headphones above, sat down in front of the microphone, and jumped right in to the conversation.

I am more comfortable observing from behind the lens of my camera. That is exactly what I do.

Open mic during a commercial break. 
Belle and Dianna look at Brother Doug as he discusses cougars at Germantown bars. 
Belle, Dianna, and Ric live on the air.  The atmosphere in the room is of a playful, close knit family, with the siblings tormenting one another.
Brother Doug looks at Ric, Dirty D, and Alicia as the jokes fly on the the open mics.
Ric Chetter pauses a moment.

Belle, Carrie, and Ric speaking to Brother Doug.

Brother Doug reading copy.

 We had a blast! I can not wait to go back again.

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