Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fashion Police

In the last five minutes Phaedra and Bleu have taken to call me, "Momma A." I loath when Phae calls me that! 

The two of them are also my Fashion Consultants. 

According to them my make-up needs fixed, my entire outfit is unapproved, and my shoes are unpractical. I need to pack flip flops, just in case.

I changed clothes, trying to appease a 13 and 10 year old. I come out of the bedroom in shorts. 

Bleu comes running down the hallway, "Where did you get all of those legs? Dang! You have nice legs! But, you don't want to be wearing those shorts because men are going to try to be kissing on them. And, you look like you're going out booty dancing."

Zeesh! Children without filters!!!

This is my final decision.

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