Friday, September 27, 2013

Memphis Music: Darrington J. Reape

He towers over me when he stands up.  He's wearing a white button-up shirt, a black tie with diagonal stripes and a black vest that matches his tie perfectly, stripes and all.  He's got red hair, Buddy Holly glasses, a rat-tail ponytail, a wedding band on his ring finger but he's not married, and black Converse sneakers.  Darrington sings the hell out of pop music love songs!

I walk in to the Radio Memphis studio to photograph Darrington's Accendo debut. He is warming up, singing a beautiful love song.  Because it is never comfortable to have a stranger stick their camera in your face I like to immediately break the ice, "How did you write such a beautiful love song about me when I only just walked through the door?"

Without skipping a beat he responds, "It all came together as soon as I saw you."

Darrington J. Reape
Weston and Jason with Accendo Media


Weston, Jason, Darrington, and Brother Doug
That is how simplistic, pure, and smooth his music sounds, like walking through a door.  He music is reminiscent of Jason Mraz or Jack Johnson. Like them, Darrington writes the love songs that women want to hear about themselves.  

Find Darrington on Facebook or YouTube.  

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