Friday, November 1, 2013

A Little Lunchtime Excitement

Walking through the parking lot to the clearance Goodwill on Highland for my lunch break when a Honduran man jumps out of his painting van and scurries towards me, "Aye! Aye! Mamacita! Pretty Bonita Juanita!" 

He proceeds to hit on me entirely in Spanish. Although I understand Spanish, I don't speak it. So I respond nearly solamente en Inglés, except for, "Tengo un novio."

He asked me why I'm not responding in more Español. I cringe as I tell him, "I don't speak Spanish. I'm white."

He doesn't believe me. He asks to  remove my sunglasses so he can see my eyes. 

I warn him, "I'm telling you I'm not hispanic, my eyes are blue." I lift up the sparkly, pink, heart-shaped sunglasses to show him my eyes. 

This man takes one look at me, grabs his chest, and bends to his knees pretending to have a heart attack, "Aye!  Mamacita Pretty Bonita Juanita!"

I'm laughing hysterically, "Get outta here with that!" 

Hey fellas! Step up your game! Every lady I know could use some more of that! 

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