Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A New Job Title

A few short weeks after I started the promotion of my new job I had to fill out a questionnaire and analysis for Information Technology Services. They wanted to determine what I do and if I should be grouped in ITS.  Today I finally get a email stating that I am functional staff, not technical. That's exactly what we were hoping for and expecting. 

In the email I am told my current title of Data Management Specialist is generic. My title has been recommended to Big Boss and Human Resources for review to potentially be revised "to better reflect the specific nature of the services you provide." 

I forwarded the email to my supervisor. She said I should brainstorm for my new title. 

Since I'm a pretty badass bitch, I come back immediately to tell her, "I'd like to be called Lord Commander."

She retorts, "I hate to tell you this but you'll probably be called A Humble Servant."

"What if we add in really small letters, like practically unseen by the human eye at the end of Lord Commander and in parentheses "(of Transcript reviews)" but really small and not there. It's just a technicality."

"Maybe since you always say you clean up a lot of 'Eww' we just call you, 'Cleaner of Eww.'"

She's not budging and I only have 2 months before she retires to get this approved. I better start lord commanding the shit out of this situation. 

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