Monday, December 16, 2013

Boyfriends are Like...

For those people not from Memphis, Bargain Hunt is a discount store that has dates on the price tag. The older the price tag the bigger the discount. If you see an item you want, you better pick it up right then and there or it'll be gone. 

This evening Pan, Phae and I are in the kitchen chatting about dating and boyfriends. 

Random dating advice from Phaedra, "Boyfriends are like Bargain Hunt. If you find a good deal, you GET that good deal!!" 

Somehow, I feel vindicated. She has been listening to all of my lectures and teachings about discount shopping and dating nice guys. 

She has taken her lessons and manifested and condensed them into a holy grail. 

The spirit is strong in this one. She has made me so proud! 

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