Friday, December 13, 2013

Phaedra Goes to Homecoming

Running wildly around the house, curling a ton of hair, accidentally dropping and burning the child with the curling iron, applying make-up, secretly shedding a tear or two, and a hurried photo shoot as Phaedra goes to Eighth Grade Homecoming.

Just another ordinary Friday night in December. 

Phaedra is applying my red lipstick as she gets ready for Eighth Grade Homecoming. This is the third homecoming I've helped her get ready by doing her hair and make-up. 

In sixth grade she was Disney Princess in a black and purple dress, that I picked out without consultation. Last year she picked the 'Mermaid' dress. It was the very first and only dress she tried on. This year I took her shopping. In the first three hour outing she tried on 30 dresses! She teared up and nearly cried on the way home because she thought she wasted my time. Clearly Phaedra was raised by a man who only shops on Ninja Missions.  Last night she drags J2 out to five stores only to purchase the very first of the 30 dresses she tried on. 

She is always a beauty and growing up so quickly in the past two and a half years! 

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