Monday, December 16, 2013

Look What the Cat Drug In

As a 'professional' babysitter, while I was in college the first time, I would screech up The Mountain, inevitably late to their home over looking Huntington. The man of the house would usually be standing on the back patio or waiting inside of the kitchen with the door wide open, "Look what the cat drug in this morning." 

It was obvious, I stayed out too late the night before.

Every morning I was late. I would throw open the door to my speeding silver bullet. As I run up the hill from the driveway inside the house I knew I was about to get a lecture. 

From the darkness he would call out a warning, "Catting around will get you in trouble." 

Apparently, even after fifteen years my lesson has not been learned. 

Every Sunday night I stay up too late. Monday morning I drag out of bed thinking, "If I can make it seven and a half hours of work I can go back to bed."

Today is no exception. I literally rolled out of bed, patted my hair back in the pony tail I wore to sleep, and threw on some clothes that may or may not look decent. I washed my face, sort of, with baby wipes and applied black, raccoon rings of war paint around my eyes. With the cigarette smoke, a tell tale sign of a late night from being in the studio, wafting from my hair I am somehow proud of myself and think, "This is a victory."

Even though I look like a Grade C Hooker - yes, I know what a Grade A Hooker looks like, we saw one at the corner of National and Jackson Ave on the way home at 1 am this morning AND I've watched Pretty Woman like a million times, this certifies me as an expert - stumbling around the office attempting to make coffee, the Veterans Affair's student worker is throwing game. This young boy has got me giggling like I ain't got not one damn lick if sense! 

"Good morning B. How was your weekend?"

"It couldn't have been good, I spent it without you. The question is, 'How did I survive the weekend without you?' It was miserable."

I was stunned, not expecting this from him. Does he see the sleep still in the corner of my eye? 

Because he is not serious he had me laughing so hard! 

Perhaps I should finally learn the lesson from so long ago. That lesson is that I clearly need to stop looking so damn good; perhaps a shower and less war paint tomorrow. 

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