Sunday, February 2, 2014

Studying with Phaedra

This child! This one here is a slave driver. I told Phaedra an hour ago that I have a list of 35 prepositions to memorize alphabetically for a grammar test tomorrow. 

"Where are your words? Can I see them?" she asks as the sweet child I love so dearly. Once seated on the bed, she says to me, "Let's learn these." 

"About, above, after, along,..." 

"You already forgot one." Then the evil, straight A, must make honor roll, obsessive side lashes out,  "Do them again! Say them again! Now, again. Faster! Do it quicker like you know them. You're a failure!" 

This is her 'get serious about your education' face. 

Now, she is snapping her fingers at me.

She's a tyrant! She's a slave driver! She's making me study!!! 

Here I am, regretting my decision to tell her I have to study. 

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