Tuesday, February 25, 2014

That's Some Kind of Classwork

This cannot even be real! It's unfathomable to me. 

My 1992, pre-pubescent self is so upset, stomping around, and screaming, "This isn't fair!"

Phaedra gets to watch Newsies in her eighth grade history class. That's some kind of class work! 

Did you hear me??? Newsies!!! Christian Bale! David Moscow! Gabriel Damon!! Newsies!!!!!!! Newsies!!!! <possessed 13 year old girl who has taken a whiff of testosterone for the first time demon inside of me voice> Newsies!!!!! 

<back to normal voice> Oops, sorry. 

Disney! Dancing! Singing! Hotties from the 1990's! Newsies!!! Too numerous slumber parties spent watching Newsies!!! 

Phaedra's not even grateful! She has no clue! And!!! To top it all off, Phaedra hates 'singing movies.'

Needless to say, I'll be attending her second class period tomorrow, swooning, dancing, and singing along, "Open the gates and seize the day..."

I am also sending her to school with a note, on personalized stationary, asking the teacher if we can borrow the tape, errr DVD for encore performances. Well, I suppose I should phrase it as added homework assignments. 

Do not call me tomorrow after five pm. Something just came up! I'm busy! Newsies!!!! 

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