Friday, January 3, 2014

Product Review: It's A 10

Multiple colorings have left my hair fried. I have to deep condition every time I take a shower and it is still difficult to get a comb through my wet locks. 

I've been asking friends for recommendations on a product that will make my hair manageable, if not at least tolerable to get a comb through it. 

The only product referred to repeatedly is It's A 10 Miracle Leave In Conditioner. Plus, every one added that it smells so good. Two friends even claim that men that are strangers will approach them in public to comment, "How delicious your hair smells."

I was not in a hurry to try it, how fantastic could it be? I eventually get online and order a 4 ounce bottle for $11, which is approximately $7 cheaper than Wal-mart

The It's A 10 website claims it is a miracle product. From what everyone has been telling me I believe it. 

When It's A 10 arrives in the mail I can't wait to spritz it on my hair. I want to smell  this candy deliciousness my imagination has been fed. I'm thinking this product is generating the type of hype and reaction that Herbal Essences did when it first came out in the late 1990's. College and high school girls across the country would flip their hair and simply from a hair tousle a spectacular clean scent fills the air. The five closest people in proximity would instantly know, "She uses Herbal Essence." I want that from It's A 10. 

I rip open the package and pull the bottle out. On the back it says, "Flat Iron spray & thermal protector." 

J2 and I are going out and I am preparing to straighten my hair. I flip the cap off and immediately start spritzing it in my dry hair. To the left, to the right, backwards, forwards, I am tossing my hair every direction to get maximum coverage. Me standing in the bathroom looks like an 80's hair band video. 

My hair is sticky. I am having a very difficult time getting a comb through it so that I can hit it with the Hot Tools 2 inch barrel curling iron. When I complete combing a single section the strands immediately stick back together like I have a candy cane tangled somewhere in this rat's nest. 

J2 comes home. He walks in to kiss my forehead but stops, "What is that smell?"

I thought it was just me, but no. It's A 10 smells bad. This is not the candy deliciousness I was promised. It has a chemical smell that is turning my stomach. 

J2 asks me, "When will you wash it out of your hair? I can't stand it. Please don't use it around me again."

It is making me sick and he can't stand it. Well, we have a verdict. There goes $11. 

Perhaps it was a bad batch or I bought the wrong product. I confirm the correct color of the bottle with my girlfriends. I make a trip to Ulta and Wal-mart. I sniff bottles of It's A 10 from their shelves. They smell exactly the same. 

I hold on to the bottle. I am going to try it again. 

This time, I shower first then apply the leave-in conditioner directly into my wet hair. There is no pulling, no pain, and no wrestling. The comb glides through my wet hair. It still smells horrible. Without adding any other products to my hair I go to work. My hair dried frizzy, but extremely soft and manageable. 

 Frizzy hair, don't care.  For your own Chunky Scarf contact Conway & Co.

I tried it again last weekend with a small amount of hair gel, Biolage Gelee. This is the result: 


Today, I try it again. After spritzing my hair with It's A 10 I put the comb through my hair. Then, I apply my regular amount of hair gel, Biolage Gelee. 

I know Biolage is expensive, but it works and I have used it religiously for the past fifteen years. Plus, it smells clean. 

Unless I'm straightening my hair, I always let it dry naturally. My hair responded fantastically! 

Yep, I wore the same shirt twice in one week, but I have fantastic hair. 

I absolutely love how It's A 10 Miracle Leave In Conditioner responds to my hair. With the product, my hair reacts as it did before it was chemically fried. I would love to score the product a 10  However, simply from the horrible scent, I say, It's A 6. 

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