Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I am guilty. 

I know some people wish the pound symbol on my keyboard would fall off or that my index finger would break, but that seriously only makes me want to create more hashtags. In the end I always feel like Oskar Schindler, "I could have done more." 

hashtag everything. Even though I know it does not work that way, I especially hashtag text messages. 

This drives J2 absolutely mad. The first time I ever hashtagged a text to him he called me, "Quit using hashtags in texts! It doesn't work that way!" 

I laughed hysterically. 

Eventually I got a text that said, "#quitusinghashtags."

For the past five months I have intermittently sneaked hashtags in our text conversations. Nearly every time, I catch crap for it. 

Tonight, he texted me back in hashtag.  

I win! I never have to hashtag in a text to him again. #ButIprobablywill. 

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