Saturday, January 11, 2014

Role Reversal

I went shopping at the Victoria Secret's semi-annual sale today. When I got to J2's house with my giant bag Phaedra, who is 14, wanted to see everything I purchased. 

I showed her the bras, "Oh, pretty."

I looked in the bag and still had a few items. I told her she couldn't see those because they're too racy. 

"Well, you brought it up and now I want to see them." 

You cannot unsee what I am about to pull out of the bottom of the bag. I throw a pair of panties on the bed. 

"What??!!!?? Are you planning to be a stripper???"

My, my how our roles are reversed. I'll remember this the next time she asks if she can have my free panty coupon. Better yet, I'll remind her of this conversation in five years. 

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