Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Early Bird

Every Saturday morning my Facebook feed is full of my friends posting way-too-damn-early-in-the-morning photos to brag about their kid's high score at the soccer or basketball game, cheerleading competitions, going kayaking, camping, bike riding, or eating breakfast. So, I'm gonna show you what I did on this fine Saturday morning. 

I slept in late. Then I wrote a blog. I spent the next hour and a half talking to my best friend on the phone. Never mind that we live 20 driving minutes away from each other and spoke on the phone for nearly three hours last night, and we are going to lunch together in 20 minutes. Then, just after 1pm I rolled out of bed, make my bed, and I'm already dressed. 

That's true ambition and what I call being the early bird! 

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