Thursday, May 9, 2013

Accendo Acoustic Artist Hour: Tyler Miller

One of the bonuses of working with is my standing appointment to photograph the Accendo Acoustic Artist Hour on Thursday evenings at 7pm Central Standard Time, 1am Greenwich Mean Time. 

I have only been photographing the Accendo Acoustic Artist Hour for four weeks and I look forward to it all week.

This week I met Tyler Miller.  When I walked up to him outside of the radio station studio he was alternating between rocking back and forth and gliding side to side on a well-used, sticker-clad skateboard.  As Will Scheff, owner of Accendo and Core 7, introduced me as a photographer shooting his interview Tyler slightly shook his head up and down as he said, "Cool."  He barely spoke when as he gently reached out to shake my hand. The awkward look in his eyes gave me the impression that he did not sign up to be photographed. Instantly I think he is a quiet, shy, skater-boy who is deep in self-reflection and contemplation. I did not know what musical genre to expect from Tyler until I saw the Stray Cat tattooed on his left forearm. I became excited. This kid is about to wow us with American Rockabilly. I was wrong. You would never expect this quiet, anxious, tattooed man to be a thrash metal band member with national touring experience. He is. He toured with Evil Army as their bassist.  He is also a punk rocker in the local bands Los Psychosis and Special Victims Unit.  He is the guitarist of Worserner and Red Rum Anna. Tyler Timebomb is his solo acoustic project. His largest solo project is a dubstep, hip-hop, trap sound named Doozra.  He is the owner of Memphis Punk Productions, and he is also tirelessly working to establish an all-ages venue in Memphis. You might expect this drive from someone much older than this 21 year old with a baby face.  But do not let his baby face fool you, Tyler has plans to take over the Memphis Music Industry.  

Tyler Miller timidly plays his first acoustic song of his Accendo set.

Tyler Miller timidly plays his first acoustic song of his Accendo set.

Tyler looks directly into my camera.

Tyler Miller smiles as he is interviewed for Accendo Acoustic Artist Hour on

Will Scheff of Accendo and Core 7 interviewing Tyler Miller live on

A rare moment when Tyler Miller begins to let down his guard.

Tyler Miller live on

Silver Michaels and Will Scheff watch as Tyler Miller plays.

Tyler Miller turns one of his punk songs into an acoustic version. 

Tyler Miller performs for the Accendo Acoustic Artist Hour.

Tyler Miller performs for the Accendo Acoustic Artist Hour.

Will Scheff, Silver Michaels, Tyler Miller, Brother Doug Sandefur after the Accendo Acoustic Artist Hour. 


  1. This is awesome! It was very well-written and intriguing. The pictures are wonderful, too.