Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Otters in Boxes

While MarineBrother was home on leave in December he filled my head with rumors that the company OtterBox will replace your cellphone case if it is destroyed. It sounds too good to be true. 

Instead of following up on the OtterBox rumor, I purchase LifeProof waterproof cases for J2 and myself.  As the new LifeProof product instructs I run a submerge test on our new waterproof cases.  They work!

J2 looks in his LifeProof package, the tiny piece of plastic for his ringer on/off switch is not included in his package. Just to be sure we search the table top, the floor, and the bed forJ2 tiny piece of plastic. It is not included in the package. I put the new case on my phone to test the ringer on/off switch.  Even with the tiny piece of plastic in place it is impossible to flip back and forth. I ask J2 if he can flip the switch for me. Even with his man-strength he cannot get it to budge. For both of us having the silent/ringer feature is a non-negotiable, especially for J2 the single father of three Little Rottens.

He puts his case back in his box. I have not seen it since. 

I use the new LifeProof case. The plastic is slippy. I cannot get it to stay propped up while I have it leaning against another surface. With every attempt it slides to a thud on my desk. It slips out of my pocket and thuds on the ceramic tile at work. I stoop over while shopping. The phone slips out of the side pocket of my purse and thuds on the floor. When I run the charge out of the phone none of my chargers fit the LifeProof case. SERIOUSLY! They want me to buy new chargers too!  No thank you! This case is awful! I put it away; it must be in the same place as  J2's.

Naturally, it takes months to follow up on MarineBrother's rumor of OtterBox replacement. Last week, as my OtterBox case has passed the last point of use. I call OtterBox to test the validity of the warranty.  The recorded voice of the operator directs me to the website.

I follow the instructions on the Warranty Procedure.  I fill out the form and click next. 

 The website directs me here.

I upload my photos, just as they request them.  

Picture 2
Picture 1

As soon as the photos are completed I click the button Upload.  The worst part of my OtterBox Warranty experience is that after I click the Upload button the website does not notify me that the upload is successful.  However, two days later I received an email from OtterBox with the notification that my claim is successful and it is approved.  I choose a new OtterBox case.

I come home from work today to find this little lovely in the mailbox.

Surprise! It is not pink, it is Night Sky. Awesome!
My new Night Sky blue OtterBox!
You should definitely take advantage of the completely free service of your OtterBox warranty. It is not too good to be true. Thank you so much OtterBox!

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