Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sprint Call Fails

Another Call Fail from Sprint this evening.

Every time I try to use my cell phone in Rosemark or at my home in Tipton County the call fails.  This is seriously every time since I signed my contract with Sprint in March of 2012. It is not just with J2 but every call.

I have called Sprint a couple of times and as of this morning I was told by the customer service representative, "The technicians know about this issue.  It is scheduled to be fixed by the 17th. There is nothing I can do for you.  Can I help you with anything else?"

"I'm not trying to be a smart ass but you didn't help me with the first problem.  You can't help me at all."

Does anyone else struggle with this Sprint issue?


  1. I have a similar problem oath T-Mobile! Constantly dropped calls at my house and they're only response was, "well the computer shows we have service there, so there's nothing we can do." Cost me $1200 to get away from them!!

  2. I still have 10 months left in my contract. I have not attempted to make a phone call while at the house. However, on the way to the house the other day I had two dropped calls. Technology!