Wednesday, May 15, 2013

School of Rock Memphis

This past weekend I had a fantastic opportunity to photograph the School of Rock for  On Saturday evening Jand I took Phaedra and Maverick down to Newby's Bar on the Highland Strip for the School of Rock's Memphis performance of Pink Floyd's The Wall.  We were privy to cheering on the SoR Memphis kids performing the entire Pink Floyd album.

I know it is not entirely professional to bring your boyfriend and his Little Rottens out on a gig. Here is the deal,  Jworks downtown for Propane Media.  Propane Media sponsors the #InMemphis event at most remote locations.  #InMemphis is a fantastic opportunity to win money for something you already do.  If you attend any event sponsored by Propane Media and Tweet a photo with #InMemphis you could be chosen as the winner of $100.  As the representative for Propane J2 is required to be at the event.  Plus, the kids wanted to see the show.  All of that equals a very cool family outing.  After all, we know what the proverbial they say about a family that works together.   

"What is the Memphis School of Rock?" Just think about the movie School or Rock starring Jack Black.  Well, think about it with less kidnapping because the parents knowingly register their children in music lessons.  However, just like the movie there is music. The SoR takes the approach that "the best way to learn music is to play music."  They offer private and group lessons to all skills levels in guitar, bass, vocals, keyboards, and drums all taught by local musicians. One of the coolest aspects of SoR is that they offer their students the opportunity to perform music at local venues in front of live crowds.  These are real rock shows performed by kids. These kids are total rock stars!

The first set of SoR kids take the stage. A Grandmother of a performer ushers children and members of the crowd out of her way so she can get a better views of her granddaughter. Parents, friends, and family members are yelling out the names of the kids they came to see. As the first chord is struck the crowd cheers wildly!

As I am standing backstage watching the performance through the lens of my camera I cannot control the goosebumps running up my back.  I am blown away by the talent of these kids.  The performance is awesome!

There is even a girl that has hot pink strings on her bass.  Can you believe the awesomeness?  If I had hot pink strings on my violin when I played it in fourth grade I might be a fiddle player now. Come to think of it the violin is still in the top of my closet.  Perhaps it is time to dust it off, they do offer adult lessons at the SoR. 

I am so envious that I did not have this opportunity as a kid. J2 thinks it is a wonderful program too, Phaedra starts lessons with the School of Rock tonight!  She is excited!

These kids are the future rock stars of Memphis Music, here are the photos from the shoot.

The next time the School of Rock performs I recommend attending. Congratulations and thank you to Newby's,, the School of Rock, the performers, and the parents for putting together such a fantastic all ages event!

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