Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What is New?

Take a look at this video I made from inside my secret book of New Year's Resolutions:

It is true!!  I cannot contain my excitement any longer!  As of May 6 I accepted a new position with the University of Memphis! 

A shot of my old desk looking through the door to my new desk. 
Yes! I am only really moving about 15 feet, but it is a huge change. I was an Office Associate with the Transcripts Department, now I'll be a Data Management Specialist 1 in Student Records.  Basically that means that my current supervisor's supervisor will be my immediate supervisor and I'll still be working with Transcripts.  However, I will not only be in Transcripts but involved in all Student Records.  Hooray for more responsibility and knowledge!!!

Wish me luck, I start on Monday the 20th and I am so pumped!

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