Friday, December 7, 2012


Today is an unbelievably, spectacularly, extraordinary, special day!!! Today Phaedra turns 13!!!!!!

It seems like a short 16 months ago when I came over to the J-squared household for our first official re-date. Before I could put my Not A Minivan in park a little dark haired girl with giant doe-like dark eyes was standing next to my door and staring me down through my drivers side window. I opened my car door and before I could say hello she sings, "You looooove my Daddy!"

When I regale stories of her antics my mother says, "Even though she's not yours you deserve every thing she does." Boy does she sometimes embarrass me to no end.

A few months ago J-squared, the Little Rottens, and I made a trip out to visit the gang at Rossville.

Rossville is the location where J-squared and his high school buddies spent most weekends camping during their adolescent years. This group of men has evolved from being a group of high school friends into a brotherhood. To the Little Rottens this group of men, known as the Rossville Warriors, are all addressed as Uncle. The Warriors now bring their next generation out into the woods to appreciate familial heritage, fraternity, nature, and discover just who they are.

On this Saturday evening the Jeep is loaded up and we are heading to Rossville to break bread with the Warriors. I had not eaten all day, so by the time 7:30pm rolled around my blood sugar dropped to the point where I was quite intolerable. I was sitting around the picnic table with J-squared and the guys praying for dinner to be ready soon. From across the camp Phaedra yells, "You're being kinda mean Muffy. Are you about to start your period?" I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me, especially when I saw the look of horror on the Warriors' faces.

There's nothing quite like estrogen invading the space of a testosterone club. What can I say? I take total blame for this incidence. In order not to frighten the girls with my female issues situation has forced me to be very open about them. I apparently forgot to discuss the appropriateness and timing of menstruation talk. That's why J-squared has a standing moratorium on certain words having to to with the female reproductive system and why us girls now have secret code words and sign language.

In 17 short months Phaedra has transformed from an 11 year old girl with stains on her t-shirts into a beautiful teenager with a fashion sense of her own. She's cunning. She studies everyone; she'll figure out how to take over the world one person at a time. Watch out for those big, dark, puppy dog eyes; they are her secret weapon. She is wicked intelligent and always one step ahead of the game. That contributes to her hilarious sense of humor. She lulls you in by being sweet, when you are secure she jabs you with the old one-two punch. She is sensitive, affectionate, and extremely kindhearted. She holds my hands, gives kisses, and shares hugs. I adore that sometimes when we watch television she'll crawl into my lap to cuddle. Phaedra is a stunning young lady with boundless potential!

I'm ecstatic that I have the opportunity to be a part of her life! Happy Birthday to my not so Little Rotten!!

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