Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tardy for the Party

Holy brown-word!!! I need a teleporter!!! True to Conway fashion I'm running late!!

When I hopped out of the shower I was in a rush! I pulled on the first pair of panties in my drawer. Of course they are of the sexy variety and not made for comfort. Let's just say they are now 'church' panties. Then, I pulled them up too high. I immediately shimmied on what used to be my fat jeans; now they are just my jeans. That's because I'm happy and in-love. I still have my towel on my head as I'm driving behind the slowest minivan in the universe. I'm furiously fighting an all over wedgie, which is only acceptable in thong panties.

If I'm walking funny today just nod in understanding. We both know what's going on.

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