Monday, December 10, 2012

Bar Brawl

J-squared, a friend couple, and I went out to dinner on Saturday night. After supper, I wanted to go home and crawl directly into bed to sleep. Reluctantly I went with the crowd and I had a blast!

We went dancing at the Electric Cowboy. Think Denim and Diamonds circa 1999. No really, the same people from D&D but 13 years older, plus younger beautiful people. It's a real meat market.

While I was on the dance floor with Nessa a former classmate came up to me. I hadn't seen him since we had class together two and a half years ago. I hugged him hello. We danced around a bit. I told him I was here with our friends and my boyfriend. I pointed J-squared out.

He danced back over to me a few minutes later to tell me that his girlfriend wanted to beat my ass.

For a hug and a fast dance I was being threatened to get my ass kicked. Wow! I felt like I felt like I was at a fraternity party. "Oh hell no! She wants to do what because I hugged that near stranger hello?"

I didn't do anything wrong; I'm not going to fight her already mangled-looking face. I thought, 'Well if she's gonna hit me she'll do it now when I confront her.'

I walk off the dance floor and over to were she is standing with friends. I tap her on the shoulder. "Hey! You wanna beat my ass? I don't want your boyfriend. We know each other as classmates from the University of Memphis. There's nothing there, we are acquaintances."

She glared at me and walked away. Instantly I felt sorry for her. I remember being that insecure in previous relationships. You can't force someone to be faithful.

A few songs later he danced over again. He told me he'd buy me whatever I wanted. I turned him down. He asked me to take him home with me. I shook my head no, "No. I'm not interested. I have a boyfriend." He raised his voice above the music, "I wanna do nasty things to you."

What is this former classmate thinking? I've never even looked at him sideways. We were not even paired as partners in the group projects. Does he suspect that just because he wants to do nasty things to me that I'll instantly lose my mind and my pants? That I'll think, 'Oh, okay. 'Nasty things' sounds like an acceptable proposition. 'Nasty things' sounds like a good enough reason to throw away my relationship and leave my boyfriend who I pointed out to you earlier and right now is across the bar clearly watching you.' Does that line really work on any woman over the age of 22? Or just the slutty chicks he beds? Seriously! We are in our thirties! Come up with a new approach.

I shook my head no. I left him on the dance floor.

Yep, I still have it! However, as flattering as it was to have the former classmate hit on me, it's sexier that J-squared is confident in us and our relationship. The best thing about when situations like this arise is that J-squared never puffs his chest out and acts like a jealous gorilla marking his territory. Confidence, security, and trust are sexy. I'm glad we have those. But, I can't blame that girl, I'm Confidently Awesome and if I were her I'd want to beat my ass too.

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