Friday, December 21, 2012


I've never had a boyfriend my brothers like, until now.

Earlier this week J-squared tells me something along the lines that he is developing a bro-mance crush on MarineBrother. I rolled my eyes, totally unamused, "Seriously? Okay, we'll that's cool."

Yesterday evening after Family night supper and Christmas tree trimming J-squared and I are sitting around having a delightful conversation. He asks me, "What time on Sunday is Max's birthday party?"

Remember, Max is MB's son who turns two today.

I know for a fact I never told him about the birthday party because he loathes children's birthday parties. I was going by myself. I cut my eyes at J-squared, "How do you know about that? I never told you."

"MarineBrother and I have been texting." He said it so cavalier.

"You don't even have his number!!!" My mind was spinning. I wonder when they exchanged phone numbers? What else is J-squared up to that I don't know about?Then I remembered, "Oh wait, yes you do I was texting him from your phone on Thanksgiving when my phone died. He didn't even text me today! I haven't heard from him since Monday!"

This is what it feels like to be replaced.

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