Monday, December 10, 2012

Lunch with Bigger Boss

Out of a Bingo ball spinning raffle my name was pulled to have lunch with Big Boss's Boss. Tomorrow is the day.

Naturally, when I learned my name was pulled I emailed another coworker who was chosen a few months ago. I wanted to confirm that Bigger Boss doesn't eat the heads off of babies as I am forced to watch. She cooled my apprehensions.

Also, since my job is ridiculously strict I had to confirm my extended lunch with Nosey Supervisor. So nearly every day since I was invited to lunch with Bigger Boss NS has been suggesting outfits I should wear, "You know what outfit of yours is my favorite?" or, "I think this outfit of yours is appropriate..." I'd rather be apprehensive and speculate about my impending lunch by sending wildly imaginative emails rather than be subjected to NS verbally recalling and digging through my wardrobe.

We'll see. I just hope the heads of babies aren't on the menu.

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