Thursday, July 11, 2013


10:30pm:  I'm in a motel and I can hear everything, EVERYTHING, from the room sharing our head board wall. It's not sexy-time, yet, but it's more like that scene from Office Space.

Lawrence: [from the next apartment through the wall] "Don't worry, man. I won't tell anyone either."

5am:  Good Times Fun next door still has the tv on full blast. Gosh! It's a tv evangelist preaching fire and brimstone.

6am: Their EXPLETIVE alarm clock is going off now!

8:30am:  By 6:30am I had fallen back asleep. My Mom and Dad were up and moving around, very quietly getting dressed and ready. They work together in hushed whispers. I guess I'm used to their noises.

The next door neighbor's bed hits the wall like someone pl
opped down on it hard. In a very thick Southern accent he says,"Baa-bee, can I wear one my new shirts today?"

She yells, "I can't hear you."

At that point I had enough. I yelled, "I don't know why you can't hear him, I can hear every damn word he's said all night!!"

Mom and Dad burst out in laughter. Dad turns the tv on in our room to drown out the couple next door as Mom pounds on the wall.

The life of a Conway.

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