Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tennessee Saturday Night

From the back patio at the cabin we are enjoying the live music coming from across Beech Creek. Upon J2's suggestion we take a walk to the dock in search of a better vantage point. With a cover of Hank Williams Jr's "Family Tradition" traveling across the creek we set out for the dock. 

A red and blue stage light flirts through the trees, but we cannot see any better when we make it to our vantage point. On the dock the music is as clear as if it were playing on satellite radio. While walking backwards J2 is sure footed. He is holding both of my hands to coax and guide me to stand on the floating dock. We get out to the end of the dock and he holds me close as we sway gently with the slip and the music, Garth Brooks' "Friends in Low Places." The still water begins to ripple. There we are, on a humid night in July, standing on the water, within sight of the Tennessee River, holding each other close. He leans down to kiss my forehead and we are slow dancing under the light of the full moon. 

Just another evening in paradise.

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