Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The History of Fashion

Phaedra came out to the country plantation to spend the night with me. We went through one of my closets. She looked at all of my formal dresses. She tried on my hoop skirt. Trying to walk in it and sit down she realizes, "This is not for me. How did women wear this? I'd just wear pants. Why hoops?"

We took a moment for a history lesson of women's undergarments. 

Then we went through a couple of my photo albums from the 1990's. She looked at my awesome fashion choices, mainly overalls and socks. I explained that once overalls were in style and where I lived, the higher the socks the better, especially while out in the woods. She thought for a moment, "My socks are always hidden. If in 1998 you could have seen the fashion of today, would you still wear those ridiculous socks?"

Little does she know, I still own those ridiculously high socks. 

Phaedra, with the "proper face of a fancy lady" in the hoop skirt. 

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