Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fall in Public

I met J2 and a group of his high school friends for dinner at Belmont Grill. I place my camera bag on the back of my chair. I pull the chair out to sit. 

The next thing I know I'm on the floor and the chair is crashing on the floor behind me. One of J2's high school buddies is yanking on my right arm trying to pull me up. I'm dazed, but I keep repeating, "I'm sober. I swear, I'm sober." His friend is still yanking on my arm. I don't understand why my ass is hurting and I'm on the dirty bar floor. 

Even though I've been trying to pull free the friend is still yanking on my arm. I have a herniated disc in my spine, I have to get myself up, I could hurt myself worse, "Let go! I'm sober. I've gotta do it by myself."

My back is killing me and spasming but my ego is still butt-hurt. So, I guess I've recovered. 

Like I always say, there's nothing funnier than a fat girl falling. 

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