Saturday, July 6, 2013

Let's Go Krogering

As I was checking out at Kroger the kid cashier, Hunter, kept telling me, "Your eyes are so pretty; they're spectacular."

Of course I smile and thank him, Hunter is a cutie. He waves his manager over, she has to scan the case of beer I'm picking up for J2's band.

I look at Hunter and I ask, "You aren't old enough to scan my beer?"

"Nope, I'm only 17."

I'm stricken with panic. This fetus was a new born when I graduated high school. I exclaim, "You probably weren't born when I graduated high school and you're flirting with me!"

His manager glares at me. She walks away.

He hands me the receipt, with a wink he says, "Come back in 10 months, I'll be 18." 

I told the kid, "You only wanna hollar at me because I'm old enough to buy beer."

He responded, "Nope, my brother is already 21."

My jaw dropped. This child is throwing game.

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