Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Earnestine & Hazel's

For the entire two years we have been dating The Silver Fox has made mention, "J2 never invites me to his gigs." 

"Mom! He's dating me, not you."

"We'll, he asked me to Mexico but I couldn't go so I suggested he take you instead."

I roll my eyes at her. If I let her know she's funny it'll just encourage her more. 

So, a couple of months ago when this next gig was booked J2 immediately invites my parents. The Silver Fox looks at me, "Didja hear that? J2 is taking me to a whore house." 

The venue, Earnestine and Hazel's, is a former brothel. How fitting the AdFed PlugIn gathers all of the Memphis advertisers, once a year, in a den of prostitution. 

Last night I remind my parents that the gig is tomorrow.

This morning, I wake up to this little gem, from The Silver Fox, tucked underneath my bedroom door. 

She's a riot!

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