Monday, August 5, 2013

First Day of School Photos

Maverick sneaked out of the house this morning. He told me last night he doesn't want his photo made and he isn't going to have it made. We'll have to get Pan to snap it when Mav comes home. 

Phaedra greets me as I come out of the bedroom. She curtsies and spins in her new, first day of school, lace, mint green dress, with gold buttons down the front of the bodice, and capped sleeves. Her long, dark hair is untethered and reaches down to her elbows. She looks like a Disney Princess. She flutters her eyelashes, "I'll help you to the car." She dances down the hallway heading to open the front door. 

I stop in the kitchen to add ice to my water. 

She flits around like a fairy as she sings, "I need my first day of school picture taken."

"I know, but your eyelashes are white from eyeshadow; you have to finish your make-up first, Sweetie. I've gotta leave for work now, make sure your Dad gets your picture before you go to school, okay?"


She walks me to the car, "I love my new dress! Thank you! I love you! Have a great day at work!"

"You too! I love you."

Two kids from the same stock and they couldn't be more opposite if they tried.

Maverick returning from the first day of school. He walked a quarter of a mile home from the bus stop in a torrential downpour.
Phaedra did wear shoes, but she took them off and left them at her friend's house.

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