Saturday, August 10, 2013


I have an addiction. It's not drugs, shopping, or shoes; okay, maybe a little bit of shopping and shoes too. But really, it is my phone. I am always within arms length of this little device. The first thing I do in the morning is check my phone. This annoys J2 to no end. 

When he wakes up in the morning he does not open his eyes before knows I have my phone in hand and I'm pushing imaginary phone buttons or reading articles, "Who ya texting Lindsey?"  

This morning we had a similar conversation. I told him, "I can go all day without playing on my phone."

"Yeah right! All day? We'll see."

I took my phone with us to the Little Rottens' sister's birthday party. It stayed in the car all day. When we got back in the car I checked my notifications for emergency texts or calls. It was not anything I could not respond to later. I put the phone down. 

Thirty minutes ago he comes in the bedroom and I'm furiously  scrolling through status updates, delving into my email, and watching YouTube videos. He declares that he knew I couldn't go a day without my phone. 

I clarify, "I said today. It's tonight now."

He corrected me, "It's still Saturday."

"Nope, it's Saturnight." 

He immediately begins singing The Bay City Rollers, "S-A-T-U-R"

I interrupt, "N-I-G-H-T Night!"

So please, Ladies, join me in a show of solidarity. Begin calling the week night what it truly is: Sunnight, Monnight, Tuesnight, Wednesnight, Thursnight, Frinight, and Saturnight. I need to win this argument. 

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